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OMEGA was established in May 2010 , with the motto "We believe in better " as the first CATI and independent Qualitative Research & Quantitative Fieldwork Company and since then it has served many leading Research Companies, Advertising Agencies and Brands in DRC. We conducted and are conducting countless qualitative and quantitative research projects, in the field or in their entirety.
In April, 2011; OMEGA spearheaded for establishing the first qualitative research study with one-way mirror room in DRC, a practice which was already widespread abroad.
Thus; we were able to offer one-way mirrored room rental services to Brands that wanted to perform market research with their own teams or freelance research specialists without having an office but had a portfolio. OMEGA continues to serve local and international research clients with its well-trained and highly motivated staff in its new, better-equipped offices, widespread field network all around the country, robust research data that is the result of years of experience, and unique fieldwork and data Compiling and respondent gathering techniques, onwards, from January 2013.


  • We are offering fieldwork service to leading Research Companies, Advertisement Agencies and End-Clients/Brands for the past 5 years. We have performed more than Four hundred of FTF and CATI surveys; and have processed hundreds of thousands pieces of data.
  • We have collected various subjects for qualitative studies.
  • In independent qualitative studios / one-way-mirror rooms we operate, we hosted international clients and organized thousands of focus group and in depth interviews.
  • We wish to extend these services more to the international arena and at the same time reach more researchers abroad, access a much larger audience and offer creative and economical solutions to more companies and institutions.
Omega-Research & Consultancy
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In the 5 years since its creation, OMEGA is one of the leading consultancy firm in DRC
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